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Workplace Safety and Occupational Health Systems

We specialise in aiding you and your business to cover all of your safety and health needs, ensuring that your workplace is compliant with legislation and regulations and is a safe and pleasant place to work. We offer training and consultancy in:

  • Noise assessments
  • Fire assessments
  • Systems risk analysis
  • Working at height
  • Safe systems of work
  • occupation hygiene
  • ergonomics assessments
  • VDU assessments
  • Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

Overview of Health and Safety

Workplace Safety Management Techniques

This encompasses analysing why accidents happen and how we can prevent them, performing risk assessments and putting procedures into place. Workplace Compliance Solutions can help you create action plans and the essential paper trails to accompany them.

Workplace Management, Ergonomics and Work Equipment

Is your workplace too hot or cold? Are your staff adequately trained or protected from any equipment and/or machinery you may have in the workplace? Do you use chemicals? Do you have manual handling issues and are your staff trained? This aspect of health and safety looks at day to day activities and how these must be controlled and documented.

Occupational Health Epidemiology and Hygiene Surveillance

This covers Occupational Health and Hygiene Surveillance ensuring that your workers are not exposed to unnecessary hazards such as radiation and asbestos, as well as high levels of noise and vibration.

Accident Investigations

Has there been an accident at your workplace? Are the insurers requesting an investigation? Workplace Compliance Solutions can provide that service.

IOSH Registered Consultant

Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner

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