Workplace Compliance Solutions provide consultancy services to your business and can cover your training needs including health and safety and haccp

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Institute of Independent Business

Workplace Compliance Solutions' director, William Plows is an Associate Member of the Institute of Independent Business (IIB).

William Plows, through this organisation and other specialist associates, can offer business consultancy in almost any area of your company from project management to financial management.

Within the close network of specialist Associates, all problematic subjects can be tackled head on.

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Focusing on Supporting Businesses

Goal: Provide the business owner with practical advice that works in order to ensure the long-term success of the enterprise.

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Selling Up

If you are thinking of selling up there are many questions you will need to think about and decisions to be made.
There is no right answer or "one size fits all" solution. We can provide you with information so you can make the best decisions for you.

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Focused Exit Strategy

60 million "baby boomers" will retire in the next 15 years.
Are you one of the owners who will retire in the next few years?
Who will buy your business?
Workplace Compliance Solutions can help you answer these any many more questions.

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Business Consultancy

Workplace Compliance Solutions provides consultancy services in almost all areas of business including:

  • Safety and Occupational Health
  • Auditing and Auditing Systems
  • Human Resources
  • Food Management Systems
  • Corporate Pest Control

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