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ISO Pre-Assessment with Workplace Compliance Solutions

Workplace Compliance Solutions can help you gain your ISO 9,000, 14,000 and 18,000 certifications and your BRC Global Issue 5 certificate through a pre-assesment program which will ensure you are ready for your audit. This is a process which takes place over a number of months, during which you will prepare your processes and evidence with support from WCS and access to templates to guide you through the process and requirements.

The first step of pre-assessment is an on site consultancy day where we setup regular management reviews and an internal audit regieme to focus on continuous improvement throughout the business. There will also be a gap analysis to see which systems you already have in place and where you are lacking documentation and systems. There will then be a round-up meeting where the follow up process will be outlined.

By this stage we will have a good idea of the documentation you require to successfully pass your audit. WCS has a library of template documents and you will be supplied with those which fill the gaps between your current systems and those required for ISO standards.

After your site day, we will go away and produce an action plan and an ISO manual which you will receive along with the identified documents you require. This will form the basis of the ISO preparation for the coming weeks and months.

Once you are in receipt of your manual, action plan and template docuements and forms, we will make monthly follow up calls to ensure that everything is running to plan and answer any questions that may have arrisen. You are always free to get in touch between these calls if something needs addressing.

The monthly calls will continue as long as they need to until we are all happy that the action plan is complete and everything is in place. It is now time to book your audit safe in the knowledge that you are completely prepared.

Good Luck!

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