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Halal Certification with the Halal Authority Board (HAB)

Bill Plows has been registered and approved by the Halal Authority Board to audit food producers, manufacturers, and catering establishments against the HAB Halal Standard.

Rules of Halal

(حلال, ḥalāl, halaal) is an Arabic term meaning permissible.

Halal requires that food products are lawful, clean, safe, good and wholesome. A variety of substances are considered forbidden (haraam) as per various Quranic verses such as pork products or pork derivatives (e.g. gelatine) and alcohol. Systems and procedures must not only be in place to exclude these products from food production but measures taken to prevent cross-contamination with these materials.

Areas where Workplace Compliance Solutions can help you in your Halal certification

Halal Certification Process

As an approved auditor (Registered Auditor Number 008.2010) I will carry out the audit and produce your Halal audit report which will be sent to the Cert-id for verification. Once it has passed the verification it is then passed on to the European Halal Development Agency for their Halal certification decision. Once Halal certification is granted, a certificate will be issued by the Halal Authority Board.

Pre-assessment or Gap analysis

As an approved Halal auditor (Registered Auditor Number 008.2010) I can carry out a pre-assessment or gap-analysis of your food business ready for your Halal certification. I will then publish a report which is sent to you. Once all corrective actions are complete and improvements made in any areas where you are not complying with the standard (if there are any), a Halal certification audit can be arranged. This Pre-assessment/ gap analysis allows you to go into the Halal certification audit fully prepared.

Mentoring and coaching

As an approved auditor (Registered Auditor Number 008.2010) I will help you to implement your food hygiene controls to at least a food premises compliant standard. We can also work towardsa BRC standard, you choose the level.

You will receive manuals and and help implementing these into your food business and this will include all the Halal certification requirements. I will also help you through your Halal certification audit, which will carried out by another registered Halal Authority Board auditor (I will not perform the audit in this situation as it is a conflict of interest). The Halal certification audit is carried out through Cert-Id.

A little about the Halal Market potential from achieving Halal certification.

There are approximately 3 million Halal consumers in the UK with approximately 50% being British born, making Muslims the largest and youngest religious minority in Britain. Halal certification is essential to access this expanding market.

For more information:

If you would you like a copy of The Halal Authority Board Standard, it is available for £50 + VAT and/or would like to know more about the audit and cost, email us at or ring 08453 888 852

What Is the Industry saying about this subject


A recent court case featured on the FSA website (Click FSA for full details) has highlighted the need for Certification of Halal Meat to be based on a standard which includes food safety and food hygiene requirements as well as Shariah law.

William Plows is a Cert ID trained fully recognised Halal Authority Board Auditor and Mentor working as an Halal Authority Board auditor for Cert-ID. Cert-ID are a Food Certification Body and are the audit partners for the Halal Authority Board. Our core business is certification of Identity Preserved systems such as those for Non-GM foods. Identity preservation is essentially the way we can certify Halal foods.

Halal Authority Board is a not-for –profit organisation whose aims are to promote trust in Halal foods by establishing a certification scheme fit for modern processing techniques and to encourage the development of a Halal supply chain through education of Muslim consumers. The Halal Authority Board standard is based on the concept that Halal means "pure and lawful" and so includes requirements on both Shariah law and food safety

The Halal Authority Board and Cert ID have formed a powerful partnership that widens the scope of Halal Certification and aligns it with nationally recognised food safety initiatives. It is the only Halal certification scheme audited by qualified food technologists specially trained and examined on Muslim culture, religious requirements of Halal and the certification process.

If you would like further information on how the Halal certification scheme can strengthen consumer trust in your product please phone me on 08453 888 852 or email to arrange an introductory meeting.

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A research project has been commissioned by the newly-formed Halal Steering Group, established by EBLEX with key industry figures to guide work in the Halal sector and act as a forum for issues related to Halal meat. It will cover the Muslim population growth in England, as well as demand for Halal products, the supply chain and changing consumption trends, and build on previous work done to form a complete view of the Halal sector.

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Aug 11, 2009 - 6:20:50 AM

Mohammad Nazir, chairman of the West Midlands Minority Ethnic Business Forum, has been given a leading role in establishing a European standard for Halal compliant produce.

He has been appointed as chair of the European Halal Development Agency that aims to agree a standard across the 27 countries of the European Union.

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