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Focusing on Supporting Businesses

Goal: Provide the business owner with practical advice that works in order to ensure the long-term success of the enterprise.

Workplace Compliance Solutions will ensure that you receive expert support for up to 12 months. Workplace Compliance Solutions' director, William Plows (Bill) will act as your personal adviser and is an Associate of the Institute of Indepentant Business. Through this organisation he can plan and coordinate practical assistance from other professionals associated with the Institute to ensure you receive the support you need.

In addition to the consultancy and assistance, you will also receive Bill’s personal telephone number and e-mail address so you can ask questions or bounce ideas around with this experienced business person.

Workplace Compliance Solutions' standard program goes through four phases, but can be customised to meet individual needs.

Focusing on Business Success

Phase 1: Dealing with immediate problems and issues that are barriers to business success

We will apply proven and tested methods to respond to your most pressing business needs.

You and your personal business advisor will establish specific areas to address along with specific objectives to accomplish.

The goal is to clear up immediate problems that interfere with the development of long-term strategies for achieving business success.

Often the improvements lead to a 100% return on your investment.

Phase 2: Conduct a comprehensive business audit in the form of a "Needs Assessment"

The goal is to identify barriers to the efficient and effective operation of the organisation.

We will look at business systems such as order entry and billing.

Key people will be interviewed including any outside accounting service.

We try to take no more than one hour of any individual’s time.

A complete report of the results will be provided along with proven and workable suggestions for improvement.

Phase 3: Implement a Leadership Strategy for long-term business growth and personal success

The goal is to develop personal management and leadership skills that will ensure the business will grow and prosper.

You, the business owner and key personnel, will utilize the Focused Management Leadership Strategy to enable you to grow and expand the business.

Topics include defining goal and objectives, motivation of people, defining methods and procedures, implementing better leadership techniques, developing more effective communication systems, and achieving better results.

You will master the skills to lead and manage a larger more responsive organisation.

Phase 4: Expand the Business

The goal is to expand the enterprise and significantly increase your net worth; while at the same time ensuring that you are not devoting any more time to the business. In fact, as the business continues to grow and expand you should be able to devote less time to the enterprise and have more personal and family time.

By learning superior management and leadership techniques, you will be able to delegate routine tasks to others and devote your valuable time to working on the business rather than in it.

Details of the Program

Phase 1:

Deal with the immediate problems and issues that are barriers to business success.

Together we will tackle the problem or issues that are keeping you awake at night. By calling on the resources of (Bill), we will solve the problem so we can move on to longer-term issues.

All business owners know they need to plan for the long-term success of the business and get back to achieving the original goals of the enterprise. But the "tyranny of the immediate" gets in the way. We are pulled in many different directions at once.

Therefore, our first goal is to “put out the fires” so we can get on to the phases that will lead to long-term success.

Phase 2:

Conduct a comprehensive Business Audit in the form of a Needs Assessment

The target is to identify barriers to the effective and efficient operation of the organization.

The needs assessment will gather opinions at all levels of the organisation encompassing the owner, executive management, middle management, supervision, and hourly employees.

Major organizational functions will be covered such as sales and marketing, production, accounting and finance, or information technology. The Audit often covers outside service providers such as an accounting organisation.

The outcome of the assessment is a list of needs by category that is prioritised and then analysed.

Ultimately, we will develop a list of the top needs, in Priority order, starting with those that will provide the greatest improvement to the effectiveness of the organisation. We will develop practical responses to the needs that, when implemented, will result in the organisation being more competitive and responsive to market conditions.

Phase 3:

Implement a Leadership Strategy for long-term business growth and personal success.

The goal is to develop personal management and leadership skills that will ensure the business will grow and prosper.

The Focused Management Leadership Strategy was founded on the belief that better management is possible if an organisation defines a strategy and puts the right people, processes, and systems in place to execute that strategy.

In fact, the Leadership Strategy is a process that does just that. Based upon a proven Management Model, the Focused Management Leadership Strategy provides business leaders with a foundation successfully run a business.

The Leadership Strategy will show you how to:

  • Change top leadership actions
  • Implement better management activities in decision-making, planning, assessment, and leadership
  • Shift from a negative approach to "making the numbers" to a positive approach
  • Align the organisational functions
  • Build an owner/organisation partnership
  • Improve documentation and instructional methodologies
  • Increase productivity
  • Develop positive attitudes at the point of work
  • Create exceptionally high returns on investment

Program activities translate the principles into management actions. The management actions are all related to one or more of the five Management Model process steps.

The five Management Model process steps are:

  • Clarify organisational and personal goal and objectives
  • Define procedures and operating systems.
  • Apply more effective leadership techniques.
  • Implement improved communications systems.
  • Measure and monitor results.

Specific topics include:

  • Discovering what really motivates people
  • How to effectively utilize recognition and rewards
  • Human individual differences in what they mean to a business
  • Developing a leadership strategy to effectively lead and manage a business
  • The Focused Management Model
  • Setting goals and objectives
  • Needs integration within an organisation
  • The role of two-way caring
  • Building a balanced organisation
  • The nature of organisations
  • How to get an organisation to do what you want it to do

The Management Model and Strategy is:

  • Transparent
    Easily understood by all levels of the organisation
  • Universal
    Applicable to any endeavour
  • Effective
    Based upon proven principles and practices
  • Results Oriented
    Focused on specific actions that can be applied immediately
  • Leadership Focused
    Focused on leadership of the management process
  • Strategy Based
    Requires leaders to develop a business strategy
  • Based upon Proven Principles
    Fifty years of applied management experience

Phase 4

Expand the Business

Your personal business advisor will work closely with you to develop marketing plans and internal systems that will allow the enterprise to serve new customers and to find new products and services to deliver to existing customers.

As your business advisor and Associate of the IIB, William Plows can call on the extensive resources of all the other associates of the IIB to find new business opportunities and resources.

The goal of phase four is to work smarter, not harder. It is pointless to be a successful business person and not have the time to enjoy the benefits of being successful. The skills learned in the Focused Management Leadership Strategy will allow you to systematise the business and train key employees to operate the business as if you were doing the tasks.

You will implement techniques that allow you to work on the business rather than in it. You will be able to focus on the external market and exploit new business opportunities as well as set up internal policies and procedures that will motivate people and encourage them to be responsive to customer needs.

To grow and expand an business, all owners need to learn to become the orchestra conductor or the coach rather than the key player. Most businesses start with the owner being the person who delivers the product or service. But this limits the ability to grow! Therefore, a truly successful business owner learns to deliver the product or service through other people and evolve into the role of the "Coach".

Once basic operating policies, procedures, and systems are in place there is no limit to how large the enterprise can grow.

The ultimate goal of the focusing on your business is to:

  • Ensure the long-term survival and prosperity of the business organisation.
  • Fulfil the owner’s desire for business success.
  • Achieve the owner’s personal goals and objectives.

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