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Accident Investigation

Workplace Compliance Solutions is able to offer services for Accident Investigation, including Statement Analysis, Locus Visits, allegation enquiries, witness summaries and more. As trained experts, we are also able to provide expert testimony and advice on liability.

Incident Investigation

Workplace Compliance Solutions can also help if you have had an incident or accident in the workplace, investigating the cause and establishing liability. We will work with employees and employers to establish duty of care.

Statement Taking and Credability Reports

We are able to work on behalf of Insurance and Legal firms to provide services complimenting accident investigations, such as conducting interviews, taking statements and establishing the credibility of claimants, defendants and witnesses through observations of body language, expression, specialised questioning techniques and more.

Claims Handling and Assessment

Workplace Compliance Solutions is able to work with Personal Injury Solicitors and Claims Management Companies to interview claimants, assist with completing the required documentation and performing identity checks to validate claims.

How Can Workplace Compliance Solutions Help?

We are able to provide assistance in all of the above areas and more so please do get in touch to find out more about how we can work with you for all of your accident investigation needs.

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